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These are microcontroller as well as non microcontroller based projects for electronics engineering students. Nevonprojects is where your electronics dreams come to reality. Our researchers and developers daily compile fresh ideas that can be developed as electronics projects. Our researchers compile fresh electronics projects topics and ideas based on upcoming electronics concepts and technologies. These ideas are listed here on this page for engineering students, researchers and enthusiasts to build their projects and learn about electronics development in the projects.

These electronics projects ideas are to help students find their final year topics to be implemented in their final years. This page consists of a combination of the latest projects built from to arduino microcontrollers that help students select ideas and implement them.

We possess a list of the best microcontroller based projects required for diploma as well as degree final year implementations. Get diploma final year project ideas for eee as well as other engineering branches. We give you a repository of electronics projects simple to implement as well as complicated projects ideas for those needing it. Nevonprojects proper training kits for students along with project components for self practice.

Therefore, every engineering student can achieve more practical knowledge by doing project works, such as Mini and Major projects. These are generally included as a part of their course curriculum. In the area of electronics, understanding basic electronic components is essential for developing electronic engineering projects. With the development of new technologies in embedded electronics, control systems in different applications has become more reliable. Keeping this in mind, we are listing out some of the best electronics projects from various fields.

You may get the best idea by reading these project ideas and if you are interested, you may give comments, feedback, and suggestions also. A microcontroller of family is used to control the intensity by developing pulse width modulated signals that drives a MOSFET to switch the LEDs according to achieve desired operation.

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The project is designed to start a 3 phase motor at volt AC mains supply 50 Hz with a set of 12 volt DC relays in star mode and then to delta mode by an electronically adjustable timer. Get electronics mini projects kits with guidance and learning tutorials so that you not only use the project but also understand it. We will provide embdeed classes, Project explanation, Circuit explanation, Code expalnation, Conduct classes on Embedded "C" program, Project executon, Lab practise and help students with documentation. Hi Tessema Tariku As per your requirement we can suggest you to follow the below link http: Hi sir, can I get the abstract of calling number identification using calculator.

The main scope of the project is to consume the power from supply mains, generator, inverter and solar optimally by using appropriate program through microcontroller in most cost effective way. The project is designed to control AC power based on the principle of firing angle control. Two thyristors connected in anti-parallel are used in series with the load for power control. Efficiency of such power control is very high compared to any other method.

A lamp is provided as load for demonstration purpose. The project is to shut down the power supply when it is overloaded. Conventional circuit breaker like MCB based is on thermal bimetal lever trip mechanism. It is very slow and the trip time is dependent upon the percentage of overload. This project senses the current passing through a series element and the corresponding voltage drop is compared against the preset voltage proportional to the current by a level comparator to generate an output for the load to trip. The project is designed to operate a pump for automatic irrigation. It comprises of moisture sensing arrangement interfaced to an op-amp configured as a comparator.

So whenever moisture in the soil reduces, it turns the water pump ON. This results in increase of the moisture content which in turn switches OFF the motor. The above operations are monitored by a family microcontroller. The microcontroller receives the infrared signal from the IR remote, the code of which is identified by the receiver to operate a set of relays. Please note that a single phase induction motor can be procured at an extra cost over the kit cost.

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As per government security norms, batteries would not be included in the kit. The project is based on a microcontroller series MC for programmable logic control of industrial loads by the user. Few switches are duly interfaced to the microcontroller which can be used to program the system in set mode, auto mode or manual mode. Loads are driven sequentially or individually in programmable time intervals from the output of the microcontroller based on the mode selected. Electrical loads are switched ON as the first person enters and switches OFF when the last person leaves. IR sensors used in combination with microcontroller to monitor all the operations.

This helps in saving lot of energy. The project has been designed to develop a speed control system for DC motor in all the four-quadrant.

Using four-quadrant chopper it is possible to demonstrate forward, instant forward brake, reverse, instant reverse brake control of a DC motor It uses an family microcontroller along with a motor driver IC to drive the motor. Electrical appliances can be controlled through a PC interfaced to a microcontroller. This interface is done through a level shifter IC.

The loads are then controlled through the relays duly interfaced to the relay driver which in turn is connected to the microcontroller. The project is designed to develop a density based dynamic traffic signal system. The signal timing changes automatically on sensing the traffic density at the junction.

IR sensors are used to monitor the density of the vehicles at the junction. The signals from the IR receivers are fed to the microcontroller to follow different time for different level of traffic.

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It comprises of a 3 phase bridge inverter driven from a programmable microcontroller family through bridge drivers and opto-isolators. Single phase source is converted to DC which is used for the inverter. Please note that a three phase induction motor can be procured at an extra cost over the kit cost. These are duly controlled from a programmed microcontroller of family. This helps in lowering the voltage at the load end that may draw leading current either during charging the transmission line or during low loads.

Using RF technology several loads in home or office to be controlled for optimum use of energy. A pair of 2. The project uses a solar powered pump operated automatically for irrigation purpose,on sensing the soil condition. By using solar power system, dependence on erratic commercial power is not required. A microcontroller of family is used to control the whole system. A motor is provided as load for demonstration purpose. The project is designed for lagging current compensation by engaging shunt capacitors automatically as per the requirement against the inductive loads largely used in industries.

This saves lot of power and thus reduces electric bill in domestic and commercial establishments. A robotic vehicle considered as train is connected with sensors for shuttling between two stations automatically. It has provision for limiting the number of passengers entering the train by auto door management system. Auto start and stop feature from origin to the destination and back is also available. The project is designed to develop an automatic bell system for academic institutions.

Multiple time operate, electrical load control circuit is used to develop this system.


The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle that is controlled by a cell phone. DTMF command from a phone is sent to another cell phone which is mounted on the robot. These commands are fed to a microcontroller of family to operate the vehicle movement through motor interface. The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle that can sense land mines ahead of it.

The robot is controlled by a remote using RF technology. It consists of a metal detector circuit interfaced to the control unit that alarms the user behind it about a suspected land mine ahead. An series of microcontroller is used for the desired operation. A number of LED street lights glow for a specific distance ahead, on sensing an approaching vehicle and then switches OFF once the vehicle passes by. Thus a lot of energy is saved in this process.

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Optionally, dimming feature can be used in this system while no vehicles are passing on the road. Solar photo-voltaic data such as voltage, current, temperature, light intensity for calculating solar insolation etc are monitored by a PIC microcontroller having built in multi channel ADC and displayed on a LCD screen. The project is designed to operate electrical loads using a TV remote.

The remote transmits coded infrared data which is then received by a sensor interfaced to the control unit. The system operates electrical loads depending on the data transmitted from the TV remote. The project is designed for LED based street lights. It is difficult to vary speed of an induction motor which is one of the main disadvantage. This is overcome by using a thyristor controlled cycloconverter that enables the speed to be lowered in three steps.

F stands for frequency. The project uses a solar panel coupled to a stepper motor to track the Sun so that maximum sun light is incident upon the panel at any given time of the day. The microcontroller used is programmed to rotate the stepper motor in regular time intervals so that it tracks the sun. This is better compared to light sensing method that may not be accurate always.


The project uses a dummy solar panel for demonstration purpose. This project uses an family microcontroller. Synchronization failure of an alternate supply source connected to the grid is detected by this system.

The project uses a family microcontroller to perform this operation. This mechanism is popularly known as islanding of grid connected source. A fixed set of resistors are used representing the distance of the cable in kilometers. A DC voltage is fed over the line in multiplexing mode in combination with ADC to detect the fault current and show the distance on a LCD display based on voltage drop principle. The project is designed for LED based street lights with auto intensity control using solar power from photovoltaic cells. Intensity control is achieved through a microcontroller of family.

The project stores energy in a battery during day time and automatically operates street light in evening with varying intensity control to minimize waste of energy. A keypad is interfaced to series microcontroller to enter the desired speed for a BLDC motor. Speed sensing arrangement is made on IR reflection principle which is interfaced to the microcontroller as an input for the program to deliver serired PWM pulses to maintain the speed.

TV remote is used in this project to act as a cordless mouse for the computer. This is achieved by reading the coded data sent from the TV remote by a sensor. The sensor is interfaced to a microcontroller which responds to the coded signals and sends appropriates instructions through serial communication to the PC. Domestic electricity consumed is displayed in rupee terms on daily and monthly basics to the user and billing details sent over GSM by user programmable number upon a missed call form the user to the department for generating the printed bill.

The project is designed to develop a robotic vehicle using RF technology for remote operation attached with wireless camera for monitoring purpose. The robot along with camera can wirelessly transmit real time video with night vision capabilities. This is kind of robot can be used for spying purpose in war fields. The project is designed to start a 3 phase motor at volt AC mains supply 50 Hz with a set of 12 volt DC relays in star mode and then to delta mode by an electronically adjustable timer.

A set of relays are used to shift the motor connections from star to delta with a time delay. The project is supplied with six lamps instead of a 3 phase motor i. The project is designed to protect an induction motor from single phasing and over temperature. It uses sensors interfaced to comparators for disconnecting the motor through a realy.

The project is supplied with lamps in place of 3 phase motor for demonstration purpose.