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Free Chinese tea sample

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Yang Pin Hao is a century-old tea shop, established in the year 1912 at Yi Bang, north of Xishuangbanna.
Before the big tea factories like Menghai and Xiaguan established in the 40's and then joint in to produced tea for CNNP in the 50's, it is the "Hao" tea shop that is producing tea. "Hao" means shop or mark or better known as (trademark). These "Hao" tea shop usually produce and sell tea under their own brand or own trademark like the famous Tong Qing Hao, Song Pin Hao and many others. We now call these "Hao" tea shop products, "Hao's grade" tea.
This Yang Pin Hao is a limited edition produced in year 2007. Using early spring broad leaves arbor raw. Only 3888 pieces around the world.

We are giving away this more than 10 years aged puerh Yang Pin Hao year 2007 green puerh tea sample for free when you make any purchases at Sample Tea.

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